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The following snippets need clean-up and posting -- ---- *Hi, I want to keep my URL the same when links ... ? On Thu, 10 May 2001 22:03:50 -0500, [[Etan Wexler]]: First, let us review fundamentals. In ...
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Centered on the page
[[Category HTML FAQ]] *'''How do I get an image to appear centered on the page vertically as well as ... the FAQ. -- [[Jerry Muelver]] From a posting by Etan Wexler in ciwas On Thu, 08 Mar 2001 16:02:37 -0500, ...
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Comment your stylesheet
[[Category CSS FAQ]] *'''How do I put comments in my stylesheet?''' *Can I put comments in my stylesheet? ... you're not waiting for that to fall through. [[Etan Wexler]] ---- Styles which misbehave in an external ...
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Etan Wexler
= Alton, Say-tahn, Gay-tahn = J. Mascis says it well: "I've got no advice 'bout anything, just fuck it ...
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Guest Register
See the individual homepages of our guests for additional information on each of them. :[[Alan Flavell]] ... yet) :[[Emmet]] Ford :[[Eric Bednarz]] :[[Etan Wexler]]: etiolation at its most fashionable. ...
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[[Category HTML FAQ]] *'''[[Ask New Questions Here]]''' -- if [[How to Search]] didn't find your FAQ. ... IFRAME element *[[HTML4 style mechanism]] -- [[Etan Wexler]] *[[ISO-HTML Summary]] -- James Pickering ...
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What is Usenet
[[HTML Newsgroups]] *'''What is Usenet?''' Usenet is the infrastructure that delivers newsgroups to your ... USENET or Usenet? Doesn't matter, as far as I ([[Etan Wexler]]) can tell. But don't write "UseNet". ...
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