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Category Design FAQ

Worst practices

[Felix Miata's Annoy Page] explores really annoying techniques.
[Brett Y. Pananas guide to web authoring] Resizing windows, comet cursor, bad color combinations.
[Webtek Systems] features blinking navigation, among other things.
[Bud Uglly Design] offers just what the name implies.
[Franz!] Franz is new on the web, and proud of it. In German. As if it mattered.
[Web Pages That Suck]

Muelver's Law of Content Conservation -- The amount of bandwidth consumed by a web page is inversely proportional to the amount and value of the content.
I got a Bud Uglly Design award for http://hytext.com/worst/ many years ago. My fifteen minutes of fame.... Jerry Muelver

Here are some of the worst pages I've seen of late (they didn't deliberately set out to be crap, either):

[Web Design by a recognised Washington State artist]
[IT Training] the guys used to offer web design, but have taken it down - pretty obvious why
[Beat the Bookie]

Jerry Muelver -- Some familiar tunes, here. I remember the donnybrook with the Washington State Artist in... alt.html? A doozy....

Mark Gallagher -- Yes, alt.html. And CIWAH. And AWW. And seattle.general. And alt.html.tags. And... you get the picture. Whether the newsgroup could help her or not, she posted about her site :o)

Bodidily You can tell a site is going to be bad when it's hosted on Geocities. I have yet to visit a site that is remotely interesting on there! Jerry, your [worst site] up there was fantastic! I've not laughed at a site for ages!

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