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HTML Basics

Most text to HTML conversions work from structured or slightly marked-up text. You could open the text file in a word processor, and go for the SaveAs...HTML option. Or try a specialized tool like AscToHTML at http://www.jafsoft.com/asctohtm/

Comments -- I'd love to see a few more options described here. The AscToHTML application cited is not Free / Open Source software; there must be Free/Open alternatives to this tool. I deal with a large number of programmer Mailing Lists in which I often publish lengthy, detailed rebuttles or articles and I need to be able to publish some of this material in hypertext, nicely-marked-up format on my Website (and since I am the author, the question of intellectual rights / permission is not an issue). I have yet to find a good, easy to use tool (command-line would be fine) to do this basic mark-up.
  -- perlspinr

Take a look at my WikiWriter, at http://hytext.com/ww/ (whoops... it's free only for a 45-day trial). You could easily write a text-to-HTML converter yourself, in any number of programming or scripting languages. -- Jerry Muelver

Jerry wrote: "You could easily write a text-to-HTML converter yourself..."

I wish... - Sam Hughes
Sam, you need one? What are the constraints on the text formatting? -- Jerry Muelver

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