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Jukka Korpela says:

No, unless the possibility of putting the form inside a cell applies.

You could suggest suppression of the spacing by using CSS:

<form ... style="margin:0">

Works on IE 4+, for example. More info: http://www.malibutelecom.com/yucca/forms/extraspace.html

David Dorward says:

You could also suggest that the form be displayed inline instead of block:

<form ... style="display: inline">

If the form is in a table, try putting the table inside the form, instead, with the FORM tags outside the TABLE tags.
Why not open the <FORM> tag right at the top of your page, and close it right at the end?! i.e:

Rest of the page content, including form goes here!

That way you wont get any large gaps within your main content! -- Mark Harrington

(not a good idea)

Comments --

<form> <table> ... </table> </form>

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