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For simple line drawing needs these could come in handy:

straight: http://www.kevlindev.com/tutorials/basics/shapes/svg/index.htm
curved: http://www.kevlindev.com/tutorials/primitives/bezier/index.htm

Notice that only 1% of the websurfing audience has the svg plugin installed as of april 2001


Shockwave can handle fairly advanced line drawing (56% plugin penetration, excuse the language). You can also trick Flash to do it [96% penetration]. Note that you cannot write html text on top of Flash/Shockwave content in all browsers; only PC IE4+ supports z-indexing of Flash through the wmode parameter. Flash drawing sourcecodes can be found at:

straight: http://www.zincroe.com/flash
curved: http://www.flashkit.com/cgi-bin/movies/search.cgi?query=bezier

You can also do it in java. This will draw a straight line:


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