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"Red" is Red E. Kilowatt, FAQ custodian for alt.www.webmaster.

Red is not the leader of AWW.

Red doesn't make the rules for AWW.

Red doesn't speak for anyone but himself.

Jerry Muelver -- That's easy for you to say!

Yes, and apparently I need to say it a lot!

Jerry Muelver -- Important thing is -- are we having fun yet? It's hard for me to tell, sometimes, not being fun-empathic and all that....

Jerry Muelver -- Chrome-dome, actually. Hey Red! When are going to clean up this homepage of yours?

I thought this was pretty clean! At least there aren't any cuss words.

Jerry Muelver -- Yeah, that's refreshing, isn't it? The concept of personal interaction via the web with no cusswords is as alien as the whole wiki concept. I'm think we may no longer need newsgroups!

Snugglebunny! Matthias Gutfeldt

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