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Full-time in IS since 1986.

Inter/Intranet techniques since 1995 on OS/2, MVS, UNIX and NT.

Heavy-duty JavaScript, (D)HTML, JAVA, CGI and lately XML, XSL HTA not to mention Servlets and jsp

I have read about 10.000 pages of JavaScript books, reviewed a few and have co-written Instant JavaScripts for Osborne / McGraw-Hill http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0072129948/michelplungjansj

I have answered over 2000 questions on JS at experts-exchange, and many more as JavaScript editor at http://irt.org/ and elsewhere on the net

I am online about 60 hours a week

Please contact michel at irt.org for Custom JavaScripts on an E-Lance basis.

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