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OLD STUFF FROM Matthias Gutfeldt This is the final resting place for text that I removed from my page.

Borrowed your wiki cultural links for the home page -- Jerry Muelver

Okay. When I surfed those pages yesterday, I found a good text about why we should use realnames instead of nicks (something about a Bob), but I just can't find it anymore ;-(. The one you link to on the homepage is similar, but not quite what I had found. It's one of the major problems I'm running into: Information on a wiki can be very elusive, either because it's hard to find, or because it's here today and gone tomorrow. --Matthias Gutfeldt

Yeah, but that's part of the charm of a wiki. It's very Buddhist, ephemeral. I noticed your FAQ edit a moment ago. A wiki gives us the chance to have second thoughts, or even better ideas. Any day now, I'll have one. -- jm

The only buddhist I know is a statistican, and he didn't have this relaxed attitude towards data. --mg

Just had one -- I practically live on the RecentChanges page. That's the first thing I check when a I bring up a wiki site. --jm

Yes, it's so important that it could become the wiki homepage. --mg (you're setting a bad example, jm. This is a way to sign a comment without signing it).

And btw, I really hate the way we abuse those poor innocent definition lists to indent our comments. And I haven't found out how to make a real, actual definition list.


definition term
definition data thing
doesnt work

right. Or maybe I just don't grok it? How do I make a definition list with one definition term element and several definition data elements for that same term?

well (says jm), how about term here
first definition
next definition
another definition

The HTML code in your example looks like this (well, I omitted the lower-than and greater-than):

   DT well (says jm), how about term here 
      DD first definition
   DT DD next definition
   DT DD another definition

The first three lines are a normal Definition List, with a Definition Term and one Definition Description. But on the fourth and fifth line, the Definition Term is left empty. If I'm not mistaken (might be the case), this is not how a correct Definition List with one Definition Term and several Definition Descriptions should be written.

So what I'm looking for is a way to write a correct definition list like the second example on the W3C page, where it says "Here is an example with multiple terms and descriptions": http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/struct/lists.html#h-10.3

Is this at all possible in this wiki, or should I throw my HTML purist idealism over board? --Matthias Gutfeldt

You're not actually doing HTML -- you're doing Wiki, which uses bits and pieces of HTML to get its job done. I could turn on HTML and go full bore for purist formatting, but you can well image what that would do on an open board. Think "newsgroup with enhancements" instead of "HTML with limitations". I'm playing with some ideas to get more formatting in, without opening Pandora's box all the way. Tables, for instance, occasionally have merit.... -- Jerry Muelver

But...but... I trained long and hard to become a HTML purist (a full two minutes for attitude adjustment)! Am I supposed to forget all that and just pretend I'm not actually on the WWW? I agree that full HTML can be very dangerous, but maybe your local Perl guru could write a piece that filters out all scripting attempts. --Matthias Gutfeldt

Yes, there are such Perl (or PHP or Zope or Ruby) tweakings. You're still on the web -- you just have to shift from being a Purist to being a Minimalist. -- Jerry Muelver

Ahem. If you click on the link waaay up there, called [follows instructions], you'll find the page about why we should use realnames. Doesn't hurt to read your own text every once in a while. --Matthias Gutfeldt talking to himself.

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