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The ShmushedTogether URL format for naming (and creating) pages is a Wiki convention and comfortable tradition which the Wiki parsing software handles quite smoothly. You will see it everywhere in the Wiki world. However, this wiki allows normal-looking links without the CamelHumpWikiName effect!

You create a new (child) page by first creating a link to that page on some other (parent) page. The process is:

  1. On the parent page, click on on the Edit link (Edit the text of this page) at the bottom of the page.
  2. Choose a spot on the parent page to put a link to the new page.
  3. Create a link to the new page by typing the name inside a pair of double-brackets. The first letter must be a capital letter: [[Name of my New Page]] (periods and commas are okay, but not recommended)
  4. Click on the Save link to save and format the parent page.
  5. Your new link will appear with an underlined question mark after it.
  6. Click on the question mark.
  7. You will go to the new page, which appears as an empty template already opened for editing, with just Describe the new page here. in the edit box.
  8. Edit the page as you wish.
  9. Click on the Save link to save and format your new child page.
  10. When you go back to the parent page, you will see that the link to the child page has lost its question mark, but has gained the traditional full underline signifying a valid link.

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