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HTML Basics

The little blue line is a space with a "link" underline. Make sure there is no space or linebreak between the IMG element and the enclosing A HREF call:

   <a href="nextpage.htm"> <img src="gonext.gif"> </a>
  makes little blue line  ^ here..... and here   ^
And this:
   <a href="nextpage.htm>
   <img src="gonext.gif">

also leaves a little blue line next to the image, because HTML converts linebreaks into spaces for display. Keep the whole thing on a single line with no spaces, like this:

   <a href="nextpage.htm"><img src="gonext.gif"></a>

If you have a long string, you can break the lines within the tags:

       <a href="nextpage.htm" onMouseOver="doSomething(); return true;"
       onMouseOut="doOtherthing(); return true;"><img
       alt="Next Article" border="0"></a>

Here's one to try without Javascript (the "x" is to check for little blue line appearance) --

       x<a href="nextpage.htm"><img
       alt="Next Article" border="0"></a>x

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