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Klaus Alexander Seistrup

See ZWiki:KlausSeistrup

Nice interface, Klaus! Very slick, indeed. Which engine are you using? I put a message on KlausSeistrupDiscussion but then couldn't get the "Please wait" clublet dialog to go away. Might be my satellite connection, though. -- jerry

Oh, sorry, I'm not the host on [[Why]] - just a humble participant. But I find it cumbersome to edit some ten HomePages everytime I have something to add so I usually refer to my page on Why... Why's WikiEngine is WhyClublet, which, according to Richard Drake, is a "java servlet with a couple of scripting languages including JPython" (closed source, unfortunately). I believe the "please wait" thing is a well known nuisance on Why, although I think you can make it go away by using "in situ" editing rather than "popup" (lower left corner).

I have a ZWiki base [wiki] running on my desktop box at home, mainly for my own notes and scriblings, nothing much to see there. Zwiki is, as you probably know, running on top of the application server Zope.

I have another wiki running at http://www.magnetic-ink.dk/, mainly to get to know the UseMod engine. I'm planning on starting a wiki for recipes and cooking/baking tips, but I have yet to find a suitable domainname (any suggestions?). I'll let you all know when it's up and running.

I'm trying to get acquainted with XHTML and CSS, and so it was a pleasant surprise to find this wiki (wikis are great for stuff like this, aren't they?), I'll definitely come back on a regular basis. Perhaps I'll even be able to contribute to some of the pages here. Thanks for the initiative! --kas

Glad to have you around! It's interesting to see how a wiki grows, what direction it takes. I thought newbies would be be posting questions, but they acrtualy don't have to. The only have to find the answers to questins they already have. That means we can get geeky with the behind-the-scenes stuff, get as simple as possible with the interface. --jer


Well, that's HTML 2.0. How about 3.2?

I guess it oughta be set explicitly in the '<!DOCTYPE [...]' line...

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