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Jukka Korpela is a voluminous and detailed contributor to alt.html, comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html (and ~.stylesheets and ~.site-design and a dozen other web-tech related newsgroups). He is the author of a huge body of reference work on HTML and CSS. His site was formerly at the Helsinki University of Technlogoy. -- Jerry Muelver
Reconstruction of his site is underway at http://www.malibutelecom.com/yucca/ . This is very good news. I just hope he gets rid of that incredible background. -- Matthias Gutfeldt

That background is a bit of a strain. We'll have to keep an eye (probably crossed) on that one. jerry

Does it look better now? I made it much lighter.

Hi, Jukka! Welcome aboard!

Yes, it does look better, at least to my bleary old eyes. The site feels more accessible, somehow. I can find my way around it easier, though that may simply be the familiarity factor. Are you restructuring it? -- jerry

It's much better, and it is a bit easier on the eyes, thanks. But for some reason my eyes are drawn away from what I'm reading and over to the four corners of the screen. That's a bit disconcerting since I only have two eyes to begin with. It makes me los focus of the text, and I'm getting dizzy. It's probably because the background is still visibly a diagonal grid. But maybe the real reason is that I've been working for 9 hours now, always staring at my computer screen.

Oh, and of course I'm very glad that your materials are online again :-).
-- Matthias Gutfeldt

The latest url for Jukka's excellent site is http://www.cs.tut.fi/~jkorpela . This url is elsewhere on this site, but not on this page, so I thought I would add it.

Bodidily -- I can't get onto Jukka's site for some reason. Has it been taken down? If so, when will it return?

The link works fine for me on this beautiful Friday at 6pm. Matthias Gutfeldt
Yup. I can get back on it now. Good news!! Bodidily

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