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Retired Systems (Industrial) Engineer
Jerry Muelver -- Good to see you here, James. I retired once, about 10 years ago. It only lasted for 4 years and my wife made me go back to work. Retirement is hard to stick to....

I liked this advice James gave so much I thought it needed a place here:

The majority of users appear to accept uncluttered pages that emphasize quality content and feature easy to read text -- the way they are presented in their browsers -- without changing them

I have adopted the following scheme in producing my own Web pages:

1. Visualizing design pages as a two part process: content first (the most important) and presentation second.

2. Insuring the content is well composed and that sentence structure, grammar, punctuation and spelling is correct.

3. Employing a clean, uncluttered, layout for the page and provide easy navigation -- using stylesheets (CSS).

4. Not specifying any text sizes at all. The default size appears to work best in most browsers and usually suits the taste of most users (they are going to change it anyway if they don't like it). In any event, I avoid small, hard to read text -- it may very well get enlarged sometimes with disastrous results for page layout.

5. I generally employ familiar, easy to read, text fonts -- sans serif families are popular and appear to be well accepted.

6. I always check to see how pages display and function with image rendition turned off.

from article: http://groups.google.com/groups?selm=20020728201222.19313.00001603%40mb-mp.aol.com

--- Nick Theodorakis

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