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Join the All My FAQs Wiki Experiment by registering your preferences, signing the guest register, and putting a little information on your home page. Then you can edit pages, and your name will appear in the RecentChanges listing as the editor. You don't have to register to edit pages, but it would be nice if AnswerProviders would give us a little profile of some sort. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Preferences page by clicking on [Preferences] (at top or bottom of any page).
  2. Put in the name you want to use the User Name box. Your User Name has to have an initial capital like Jerry Muelver. Use the underscore for the space between words.
  3. Decide if you want to be notified when someone changes a page. If you do, put your email address in the box, and mark the Include this address in the site email list checkbox.
  4. Click on [Save] at the bottom of the registration page to save your preferences.
  5. Go to the Guest Register. This is where you create your own home page!
  6. Click on [Edit text of this page] at the bottom of Guest Register page to bring up the edit box and see how the page was written.
  7. Add your User Name and email address in the same pattern as the other entries -- semicolon, [[name in double brackets]], colon, brief-ID description, email address in mailto format.
  8. Click on [Save].
  9. When the page reformats, you will see your new User Name entry. Your name will have an underlined question mark after it. This is a wiki sign that a page has been created but not filled-in. Click on the question mark.
  10. You will go to your new Home Page.
  11. The new page will open in editing mode, all ready for you to start typing.
  12. Tell as much, or as little, about yourself as you wish, by typing text into the edit box.
  13. Click on [Save].

Now you're a member of the All My FAQs Wiki Experiment!

Welcome aboard!

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