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Checklist by Darrel Knutson

  1. Who wrote the course?
  2. What are the stated learning objectives?
  3. Are there links to external resources? What are they?
  4. Is the author more of a purist, a designer or an agnostic?
  5. Are many examples provided?
  6. Are many exercises provided?
  7. How long would the full course last?
  8. Is the course divided into logical sections? How long is a typical "unit"?
  9. Which versions of HTML are covered?
  10. What is not a part of the course? What is missing? What is the worst part?
  11. Is it well written - clear, concise and grammatical?
  12. Is it readable or a disaster of design for someone with reading glasses?
  13. Does it cover CSS?
  14. Do the courses pages validate or is this another attempt at faking competence?
  15. Is registration required?
  16. Is JavaScript required?
  17. Is any sort of plugin required?
  18. Will I see advertising or a pop-up window or any kind of promotion?
  19. Will my browser be offered a cookie?
  20. Is there a compressed version of the course available for download?

And if I have to pay, please just mention that first, so I won't go on to read the rest. There's plenty of great free stuff out there that can easily be found at your local search engine.

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