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Struggling with structure and organization of this site, even at its very beginning, I find that the Ways of the Past weigh too heavily on the design. For instance, the Yahoo-esque hierarchy of topics > subtopics > question > answer means someone has to update the links and TOCs along the hierarchy. There might be a better way.

The Free Link function could automate the whole process. A question becomes its own link to its answer page. Then a search for terms in the question would bring up the whole question, elegantly stated, along with any variants on the question using the same terms. You also get the benefit of cross-sourcing, so a question thought to be HTML, but which actually requires a CSS answer, automatically gets shunted to the CSS answer.

Other benefits:

Put yourself in the user's shoes. You have a question, you're not really swift with web technology, you find your way (or are directed) to AllMyFAQs.... Now what? I think "Type your question here" should be an option on the first page, along with a couple of links to category pages. And that would be all it would take. -- Jerry Muelver

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