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Iso - 31 July 2001: 151 questions I've collated, made my first pass through them implementing a template - the links all need to be checked and tiedied up (Just plain URLS atm). I've basically done a dump of my personal wiki to here to get the categories all set up. I've also set up a "beta" version of the FAQ here: http://www.isofarro.uklinux.net/htmlfaq/faq.php - for those of you that want to play.

There are quite a number of "obvious questions" that are not yet answered (like "What is alt.html"), they never came up in my sample download of posts in alt.html, so feel free to add them to the end of categories where you suggest they should be. When I get another piece of free time, I'll start copying and pasting the answers from the beta to here, so you guys and gals can jump on all the errors :-).

Iso - 9 May 2001: So far I've built a list of 138 questions that have been answered on alt.html from December 2000 - early March 2001. A few of the questions will break up into multiple questions, while others will be merged. I've not yet gotten around to organising them yet - some questions will fall into two or more categories. I've started on a php script to handle such a layout. Hopefully we'll have a one to one mapping between alt.html FAQ and wiki discussions, although I'll need to update the alt.html FAQ based on updates and corrections submitted to this wiki.

Work in progress alt.html Questions list already built up with unformatted answers.

Comments --

Isofarro says:

I think we'll have to ask an oldie (in net years!) like Art and Hywel to thrash out a good answer to "What is alt.html" and "What is on-topic in alt.html".

I'm think we'll need to avoid the pitfalls of the other newsgroup FAQ's I've seen by including:

How about a specialised "webdeveloper/designer/master" related search engine - along with Zascar's suggestion of a Yahoo-like Directory of resources (based on the link-meisters Phil's & Brucie's overgrown collection).

The last thing I think we need is a dead-end faq, but something we as regulars can also use. FAQ's are not just for newbies ignore :-)

I think using your wiki at http://www.allmyfaqs.net will be a good starting point, for both melding out the structure of a new faq. The FAQ that will emerge will really be a "picture" of the agreed answers at one point in time, with allmyfaqs.net being the version control system and the cutting-edge of the knowledge.

What do the rest of you guys (and gals) think?

Apologies - I'm a little excited with this thread at the moment! -- Isofarro

jerry: This could work out quite well, actually. We might be able to get Tina to kick in a site for the static stuff, maybe even, possibly, maybe.

I'm discovering that newbies aren't going to come sailing into allmyfaqs and posting questions, which is just as well. A FAQ isn't a FAQ if it's a new one! The discussions are gold, but newbies generally don't benefit from detailed analysis, which is why I'm drifting more toward posting the question with a short-and-sweet answer, adding details and analysis farther on down. Then folks know where to go when they're more able to absorb the extra freight.

If you list the Q and A in traditional format, with (where appropriate) a link to the latestandgreatest at allmyfaqs, it would seem to be the best of all worlds. Such an approach also avoids the danger (demonstrated here at allmyfaqs) of trying to be all things to all people. Focus is not a vice, when in pursuit of access.

Isofarro I'm glad you agree with me here. If anything, an alt.html FAQ would be an advertisment/billboard for allmyfaqs.

Jerry Muelver: Here's a navigational/structural possibility -- http://www.thebrain.com/

Isofarro: Can't see this page from work atm, no Java enabled browser. Here's what I had in mind (long term borrowing): -- http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/advice/ -- we're doing something similar in work using JSP/JavaBeans/XML/text-files, so I was thinking this is a cinch to do in PHP/mySQL/text-file.

Isofarro: I've also acquired the domain name html-faq.com for this project. Hopefully someone like Tina will be able to offer us a subdomain of alt, so we could have http://alt.html-faq.com, or http://www.alt.html-faq.com :-)

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