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CGI Tutorials
Suggested by [[Phil Hayz]] *http://www.thecgibin.com/ *http://www.cgidir.com/ *http://www.cgi101.com/ ...
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Compiled Reference Lists
See the suggested references lists of -- *[[Matthias_Gutfeldt/Bookmarks]] -- the lifetime reading program ... *[[Phil Hayz]] A few refs [more than a FEW! :)] *[[Jukka ...
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Dotted box on a linked image
[[Category HTML FAQ]] -:- [[Category JavaScript FAQ]] *'''How can I prevent the dotted box on a lined ... image when you click on it?''' [[Phil Hayz]] sez: See http://www.leftcorner.com/designtools/dsp_main.cfm?DesignToolID=8 ...
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Guest Register
See the individual homepages of our guests for additional information on each of them. :[[Alan Flavell]] ... (Material referenced -- not a visitor... yet) :[[Phil Hayz]] :[[Patty Russell]] :[[Richard Formby]] ...
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HTML Tables
[[Category HTML FAQ]] == Tables == *[[How do I make a table which looks good on non-supporting browsers]]? ... -- Resizable table with rounded corners [[Phil Hayz]] *http://www.finistere-ferienhaus.de/examples/box_schatten/index.html ...
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HTML Tutorials
[[Category HTML FAQ]] It would be great to have capsule reviews of these (and any other) tutorials, to ... for some guideline ideas. *Suggested by [[Phil Hayz]] **http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/ **http://www.w3schools.com/html/ ...
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HTML editors
[[Other FAQs]] -:- [[HTML Basics]] *'''What are some good HTML editors?''' *What is everyone using to ... awesome! Thanks for the tip.) Sir Phil of [[Phil Hayz|Hayz]] recommends these editors:- *http://www.idmcomp.com/ ...
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How do I use an image instead of the standard submit button
REDIRECT-- see [[image_for_submit_button]] [[Category HTML FAQ]] *'''How do I use an image instead of ... the standard submit button?''' [[Phil Hayz]] sez: <input type="image" src="blah.gif" ...
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Image for submit button
[[Category HTML Forms]] *'''How do I use an image instead of the standard submit button?''' [[Phil Hayz]] ...
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Jan Roland Eriksson
Jan Roland Eriksson (http://css.nu) is the hands-off moderator and hands-on FAQ and accuracy maintainer ... Re: link to W3schools XML offering on [[Phil Hayz]] -- Sorry Jerry (and Phil) that is not the ...
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[[Category HTML FAQ]] -:-[[Category Other FAQ]] * '''What is a KillFile and how do I KillFile someone?''' ... to alt.foo), nntp-posting-host, etc, etc." - [[Phil Hayz]] ...
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Kill those annoying popups
[[Category Other FAQ]] *'''How can I kill those annoying popups some site have?''' *Download and install ... (says [[Phil Hayz]]) *Opera and Mozilla have built in UIs for ...
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Phil Hayz
Phil has been eaten by a shark. The end. ---- Phil's suggested reference list -- *Learn HTML (Hyper Text ...
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... Talk to Me/Archive Chat 3
Nice new search engine results! They're apparently sorted alphabetically, which is sufficient right now. ... of an alt.html FAQ as a focused spin-off. Phil Hayz is... well... Phil Hayz. Brucie warps in ...
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[[Category HTML Graphics]] *'''How can I create a thumbnail image that is linked to the full-sized image?''' ... http://www.dominativ.com/thotor/index.html [[Phil Hayz]] says: <code><a href="bigpic.jpg"><img ...
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