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Art Sackett
Art Sackett is a regular on alt.html and the contributor of insightful, usually no-nonsense postings ... nice. It's almost always mostly nonsense. -- [[Art Sackett]] ---- Art says: '''How to justify type''' ... were the primitive days of the internet." -- [[Art Sackett]] -- You guys really ought to get a hobby. ... a couple of those. You know who they are. -- [[Art Sackett]] On 7 Mar 2001 10:13:39 GMT, in alt.html ... sure to annoy or anger them, which is unwise. -- Art Sackett 7 Mar 2001 09:27:38 GMT, in alt.html ---- ...
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Guest Register
See the individual homepages of our guests for additional information on each of them. :[[Alan Flavell]] ... Bulman PHP :[[Andy Dingley]] Smert' Spamionam :[[Art Sackett]] :[[Bill Platt]] (Material referenced ...
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Include one file in another
[[Category HTML FAQ]] -:- [[Category SSI FAQ]] -:- [[Category JavaScript FAQ]] -:- [[Category PHP FAQ]] ... even if your server doesn't require it? **[[Art Sackett]] answers: Yes, you can, BUT if you later ...
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No cache
[[Category Design FAQ]] *'''How do I stop my page from being cached?''' *http://www.htmlhelp.com/faq/html/all.html#no-cache ... -- Expires: Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:01 GMT -- [[Art Sackett]] -- Art Sackett Professional Web Design ...
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[[Category SSI FAQ]] === SSI Reference Links === *http://www.bignosebird.com/ssi.shtml-- Big Nosed Bird ... -- Art Sackett's tutorial on SSI *http://www.vortex-webdesign.com/help/intro_ssi.htm ...
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Show a new reply page after a form is submitted
[[Category HTML Forms]] *'''How do I show a new reply page after a form is submitted?''' :It depends ... that should have come with the software. [[Art Sackett]] Precisely. There are different scenarios ...
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Web design business
[[Category Other FAQ]] *'''I want to start my own Webdesign Firm but have questions about costs, fees, ... gut. The rest you can figure out as you go. -- [[Art Sackett]] ---- === Resume === If you can't make ...
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