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ALT attribute
[[Category HTML FAQ]] *'''What should I put in the ALT attribute for graphics?''' *See [[Alan Flavell]] ...
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Alan Flavell
http://web.archive.org/web/20051214083152/ppewww.ph.gla.ac.uk/~flavell/www/ -- Alan Flavell's web articles ... (archived). ---- Alan Flavell is at Glasgow University, who host a great ...
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Enter key
[[Category HTML Forms]] *'''How do I keep a form from being submitted by hitting ENTER?''' *How do I ... -- [[Alan Flavell]] on "FORM submission and the ENTER key?" ...
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Flavell's Law
[[Category Other FAQ]] -:- [[Category HTML FAQ]] *'''What is Flavell's Law?''' In brief, it's the observation ... by [[Alan Flavell]] that new sites offering HTML tutorials ...
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Guest Register
See the individual homepages of our guests for additional information on each of them. :[[Alan Flavell]] ...
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HTML Tables
[[Category HTML FAQ]] == Tables == *[[How do I make a table which looks good on non-supporting browsers]]? ... -- [[Alan Flavell]]'s extensive analysis of table basics, ...
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HTML Tutorials
[[Category HTML FAQ]] It would be great to have capsule reviews of these (and any other) tutorials, to ... -- tutorials and articles *Suggested by [[Alan Flavell]] **http://www.mnot.net/cache_docs/ Caching ...
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Multiple language character sets
[[Category HTML FAQ]] *'''How can I use multiple language character sets?''' *How can I use foreign-language ... -- [[Alan Flavell]]'s "i18n: HTML Character set issues beyond ... -- [[Alan Flavell]]'s Unicode page *http://ppewww.ph.gla.ac.uk/%7eflavell/charset/checklist ... -- [[Alan Flavell]]'s Unicode and multilingual editors checklist ...
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Web Design FAQs
Ask questions here -- click on [Edit text of this page], scroll to bottom, start line at far left with ... *http://ppewww.ph.gla.ac.uk/~flavell/www/ -- [[Alan Flavell]] on '''Things to do with the WWW''' *http://ppewww.ph.gla.ac.uk/~flavell/www/html-smac.html ... -- [[Alan Flavell]] on '''Top Three Strawman Arguments against ... *http://ppewww.ph.gla.ac.uk/%7Eflavell/alt/ -- [[Alan Flavell]] on '''Text-friendly authoring topics''' ...
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