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Ads on a wiki?

Does that "Affordable Host" ad really have to be at the top of each page? Not that I don't like Tina, but IMHO one single link at the bottom of the home page would have been quite enough. How much is this deal worth, anyway? Matthias Gutfeldt

Brainstorm -- ads for newbies only?

Mind you, I'm not completely sold on ads in a wiki, but the concept is worth exploring. How about limiting the display of ads to newbies only? Regulars have set preferences, which are stored as cookies. So, we could check for a cookie, and display the ad panel (or ad line or whatever) only if the visitor does not have a cookie. Would that address the aesthetic requirements of the regulars (the contributors -- the real reason a wiki exists at all) and the expectations of an advertiser at the same time? Jerry Muelver

Ads ain't working

Too many logical (who gets the revenue, what if some community members don't agree with the sponsorship, why should a signed posting have an ad on it, etc.) and social obstacles to advertising on a wiki, we have found. We are pulling the ads, and going back to "we pay for what we get" as a mode of operation (early October). Jerry Muelver


Looks like newbies will never be leaping in here to post new questions, which makes sense if I had actually given it any thought. Questions appear in newsgroups, and frequent questions get answered in FAQs and specs.

Iso's alt.html FAQ production gives me pause to think about the structure of allmyfaqs. The category linking could be much more useful if it were refined a bit -- HTML frames, HTML tables, etc. instead of just HTML FAQ. The legacy long filenames need to be pruned, and the REDIRECT pages (28 so far) need to be tracked down and deleted. And, still, the legacy links-as-answers should be evaluated and resolved (not text-copied!) into answers-on-page.

I can find my way around, and dig out a relevant FAQ with just a click and search (or two), but infrequent-user navigation, within the wiki paradigm, must still be refined. Jerry Muelver

Dead Links (for want of a better title)

Have they not been answered yet or are the links not working? What is that for? Or is it to be used with something else? If it's a link problem or unanswered Q's i'd be happy to help. But maybe i just don't understand! Bodidily

Jerry Muelver : Those are Iso's draft alt.html FAQ pages. We're working on a some way of synchronizing content and references. He's working from current hot topics on alt.html, and allmyfaqs works from historically repeated FAQs.

Isofarro : The [draft1/faq_138b.html] is a pointer for me as to where I've got the question answered - I don't intend them to be pages, but at some stage I'll be mapping my references to allmyfaqs references. It just makes it a little easier for me to line up my faq questions with allmyfaq questions - spot the duplications and the uniques, should make merging easier. if you take the faq_138b.html, you can convert this to a direct link

Bodidily : Oh ok, Cool. Thanks guys!

Bodidily: Alphabetical Guest Register, nice!

Jerry Muelver: Yeah, I thought it was time, even though it gives Alan the top slot!

Bodidily: Wow Jerry, you've been busy! One thing though, it might be a good idea to answer the question on the page rather than providing a link to the answer (its just one more click, thats all!!). Also, I was sure there was a page on streaming audio using real player around somewhere, but I couldn't find it. Maybe I was thinking of another site :-)

Jerry Muelver: I agree -- that's the basic design. First, give question, with existing link as the answer. Then (time permitting), add elegantly written answer, giving the old link(s) as "See also" for "been there, checked that" credibility. Lotta questions, though, for one guy to work through. Pick a couple (hundred), and have at it! (BTW, yeah, I'm the only guy who can delete pages, at the moment. Just put DELETE-- at the veryvery top of the page, so I can search for all such marked pages and send them to oblivion.)

Bodidily: Oh yeah! I didn't expect you to answer all those questions! I'll have a look through and see if I can help with any.

Possible Reorganization of long linking pages

Sam Hughes: On HTML Tutorials, we have a submission by Phil that is organized into HTML Tutorials and CSS Tutorials. However, the organization stops there. Then there's "Person A suggests: such-and-such... Person B suggests: such-and-such". With this division by people's suggestions, it tends to result in an unorganized, hard-to-navigate wiki page. I think it's a good idea to reorganize those links by HTML and CSS, and to get rid of dead links and such, instead of having scattered suggestions. However, I don't want to get rid of names, violating their space on the wiki page. If this is done, it could improve the quality of many pages.

Names are significant, I agree. They are humanizing (names have that effect), and thus provide a more personal, credible connection with the reader. I don't see any problem with moving the CSS tuorials to the CSS menu page, dragging a copy of Phil's name along with them. What I'd really like to see is a capsule review of tutorial sites, maybe even a ranking (1-5 stars?) to help people select the rubies from the rabble. -- Jerry Muelver

Speaking of reorgs, I've been playing with the organization of the HomePage, since I found it rather confusing when I first saw it. I've got suggestions for changing both the top/bottom matter and the organized lists of links into the AllMyFAQs site. Before I waste any more time tweaking it and then taking it from HTML to Wiki syntax, what's the best way (mechanically) for me to post it so you-all can have a go at it? (Assuming you'd like to?) -- Marj Tiefert

Just make a link to a blank page, and put it there, something like Home redo should do it. Then tweak the wiki text there until you're happy with it. In fact, take a peek at Home redo now.... Jerry Muelver

I'll get to it as soon as I have a decent internet connection again. For some reason, dialup is faster than DSL at the moment, yuck! (DSL was fine earlier today..) Thanks -- Marj Tiefert

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