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Welcome aboard, Chris.

* Changes can be unchanged, signatures removed if the text now longer representes what you wanted to say, language improved as well as malformed.

* Make the answers anything want. I would think short, sweet, and to-the-point at the top, with a Discussion or Caveats section underneath, would serve the purpose.

*I'm a crusty 58-year-old still looking for a way to set into.

*No need to wade through diffs -- just read the final frame. Diffs are just a way to true essence to resolve itself.

*So, you have already benefitted from group collaboration. Good! Then you'll be able to show us how to make it work! -- Jerry Muelver

Hi. Thanks for reading this. You must be bored.

I'm forcing myself to join this Wiki, as I'm pretty skeptical about its usefulness. So, not only am I going to attempt to help the "community," I'm also growing personally. Oprah would be proud.

I'm skeptical because:

Wikis kind of (but not really) remind me of an extendable story I made: [Horse Hockey] (beware of foul language and immature humor ;), where anyone can extend the "story," but only episode authors (and myself) can edit each page. It would be pretty hard to hold a discussion in that forum, though!

Well, that's it. God have mercy on our souls.

-- Chris Burch

Welcome aboard, Chris.

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