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Wiki interactions are free-form, so you may invent your own style, your own way of doing things. The basic rule seems to be -- Do the Right Thing. Here are some ideas to try out --

Write a signed document

Write a page, an article, an essay, or some similar block of thought, and put your User Name at the end so folks can see who wrote it. Signed articles invite comment, just by being on a wiki. Since a signature says "I wrote this", it would be best to leave the text of a signed article alone, and simply add comments to the bottom of the article, like a reviewer's notes. In other words, if you disagree with a signed article, state your disagreement rather than editing the article to make it agree with your view. Comments are usually signed, but not always.

Write an unsigned document

An article with no signature, an anonymous article, is usually an idea that wants improvement. Anyone who comes along can edit the article, or even claim ownership by hanging a signature on it!

Start a thread

A "thread" is a series of connected comments, a running discussion. Threads might evolve from any kind of document, if people get into dicussing the contents of the originating document. To keep straight who said what, it's usually a good idea to sign contributions to a thread, or at least initial them like this -- jer

Split a thread

Sometimes a branch, or subtopic, of a thread seems to take on a life of its own. These subtopics might be happier if they were split off into a new page, with a link from (and back to!) the originating page.

Refactor a page

Sometimes, enough is enough. When a page becomes too unwieldy read and understand, it's time to restructure it, perhaps into several pages, with links on the original page -- "Moved to..." and topic contents on the original page replaced with summaries.

Inject a comment

Insert a comment into a running discussion with some kind of indicator that there has been a shift in authorship. I like to use a different level of indentation from the previous paragraph. If the break is severe enough, use a horizontal rule with a little identifying header.

Do it your way

The main idea is to communicate. If you have a better way of doing that than the examples you see on this or other wikis, try it out! Show your stuff. You could start a whole new trend of doing things a better way, and we'll all benefit from it.

-- Jerry Muelver

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