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Rather than start off explaining the constitution of a proper post, I'd rather explain what an improper post is. An improper post is one that tries to sell a product. It is one that says "test." Such posts should be tested in the newsgroup alt.test. The group is not a political playground. Posts talking about "the racist white police arresting blah blah blah" are unacceptable. Also, do not reply to such posts.

What does belong in the group? A question involving HTML would be nice. Other questions involving other web development issues such as javascript, server-side languages, and cascading style sheets will not be flamed. You will probably get an answer, but you probably will also be directed to a more appropriate, knowledgable, and helpful group such as comp.lang.javascript or alt.php. CSS questions usually get answered in the group itself. The real topic of alt.html is not purely HTML (unlike another group, comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html); it is HTML with a lot of CSS, a dabbling of javascript, some browser issues, a little discussion on HTML editors, occasionally a server-side language, and the monthly and quarter-annual LOLQ updates. Generally, any question involving web development, or even computers, will be answered with a friendly manner. Occasionally, interesting stories (hopefully having something to do with HyperText Markup Language or web development) are well received.

To wrap things up...

The set of appropriate posts includes questions dealing with web development (especially HTML and CSS), and of course answers (or locations of answers) to those questions. Many of the group's members are quite the corny joke artists, and some jokes might be well received, if it has something to do with its thread. (Do not create a new thread just to tell some stupid joke -- most are stupid.)

Keep your sigs short, and separate them from the rest of your post with a sig delimiter (an line containing only two hyphens and a space: "-- "). Proper posts have the quoted text above the reply. Also, use your real name. Real name.

Be nice.

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