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What are frames?


A way of displaying more than one html document on-screen at once. Used mainly for navigation and loathed by people that know better! However, a good way for newbies to produce the effect they are looking for quickly and easily. CSS or SSI is highly recommended over frames, but if you wanted to know about those you would have gone there, wouldn't you?

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I don't see how CSS or SSI could provide the same functionality as frames, namely displaying several independent HTML documents in one browser window, subsequently replacing one HTML document with another in the same frame, and also allowing the resizing of each frame (sorry for the loads of -ing, can't think of a better sentence structure right now). Of course you can use CSS for column-based layout (good luck...), and you can use SSI to include one HTML document in another. But neither solution gets even close to providing the functionality of frames. Matthias Gutfeldt

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