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On Thu, 29 Mar 2001 00:15:30 +0200, a Nameless Swede suggested on comp.infosystems.wwww.authoring.html --

You may want to reshuffle those links ?

The first, as I got it, points to CSE which is not a "validator" in the defined sense of the word.

Nothing wrong with CSE as a linter, it does a hell of a good job on that part, but I still think that it would be good to reserve the words "validating system" for what it really means in terms of SGML.

My list of true (SGML oriented) validators in priority order...

(main entry that may have something of interest for some)

...otherwise, the direct syntax validator is here...

(where we may want to uncheck the default selection for an extended report. it just tells you about errors that has roots in some old time WYSIWYG editors after all, unless the script has been overhauled lately)

...for the more tech inclined (xml wannabes included), a very good (and probably the only) www based interface to almost full capacity of the SP tools can be found from here...


...but in using this one, first you need to know what you want to accomplish, and reading up on info links provided may be a must.

After those we have the much listed...


...which in both practice and theory is exactly the same as webthing.com/page as was listed above. Runs on a different server though... (but the same guy maintains them both)

Just a few weeks ago, even W3C changed their version of nsgmls to use lq-nsgmls[1] instead, meaning that they finally "got up to full speed" on true internet based syntax validation.

My sincere thanks to Terje and Gerald for doing that part of it.

So... http://validator.w3.org/ ...is today in fact (in SGML terms) exactly the same as all others listed above (except for the fringes we may get from 'webthing' and the WDG variations of it)

[1] lq-nsgmls?!?!?! Left as a name placing exercise for the "inner crowd" :)

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