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HTML Tables

Sid Ismail says (July 19, 2001, on alt.html)--

Nesting tables is OK. The only criticisms I have are:

  1. Longer waiting time, if markup incorrect (no widths);
  2. If img's included, no width and height dimensions also contribute.
  3. Tough to diagnose a problem if markup not tidy.

To speed up your loading, the following may assist:

  1. In tables, specify width in all TABLE and TD tags.
  2. For images, always specify WIDTH, HEIGHT and ALT.
  3. Try and optimise your images. A lot of the time, optimising a JPG does not result in visible loss.
  4. Preload images if they are to be used in mouseovers, otherwise not!
  5. Animated pics are large in size, and should preferably be placed in bottom of page, or dispensed with.
  6. Banners are unnecessary.
  7. Try and restrict your enter page to about 35K.
  8. Use BGCOLOR as well as BACKGROUND in BODY tag - that way your text is at least readable. Use similar colour.
  9. If you have a counter eg., try and load the image from your server instead of going to their url for it - in other words, save their image in your site.

Bear in mind that tables for layout purposes (for non-tabular data) are deprecated (http://www.w3.org/TR/html401/struct/tables.html#h-11.1) and that the latest browsers support css well enough even for producing columnar layouts without tables.

Some recent links and ressources if you feel like abandoning layout tables:

Comments -- Stephanie prepares for a flogging from Matthias ; )
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