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Let me know what you think about all this stuff!

Hit the Edit text of this page button, and add your comments. Put the subject on a line of its own, and put a leading colon for each paragraph of the text to achieve the indentation. It would be nice to add your User Name to the end, like this -- Jerry Muelver

Archived --

I went to this site, but they hid their source code very well.I tried right clicking it but an alert box went up showing a fake virus. It's http://pages.yahoo.com/nhrpo=thehackingpalace&p=index.html&pos=69&f=all&h=/computers___internet/cyberculture/hacking

How did they do it? -Emily

Jerry Muelver -- There's nothing hidden on that page. The source shows with a right-click. Do you have the right URL?

"Tips" sections

I think it might be an idea to add a "tips" section to various pages where appropriate. Y'know, much like the comments, except containing tips, rather than comments (hence the name). There's a (me-fuelled) example at Center with CSS.

Web Core Reference Selection

Bodidily How will the tutorials for the Web Core Reference page be chosen? The contributers need some way of discussing which HTML tutorial will be referenced etc. There are a lot out there. We only want the best.

Jerry Muelver You betcha! I've been thinking about this a bit. Tutorials have to be reviewed, categorized, and ranked. The could be a best for newbies, best for advanced, maybe best for specific topic (frames, layout with CSS, navigation design, etc.). Reviewing just one and touting it as the Choice is not good enough. Reviewers have to go through TWO, compare them, say which one is better, and why. Then we rely on bubble-sorting the list, with the top dog being compared to any new top-dog candidate, and stepping down if the newcomer is ranked superior. See Checklist for review writers

Ask new questions here page

Charl Good content, but the design could be a bit better.

Jerry Muelver - We're already a lot prettier than most other wikis! What would you suggest?

Bodidily - I'll back Jerry up on that! Although [this] looks surprisingly similar ;)!

Jerry Muelver - So does http://ebookwiki.com/ even though it's a PHP engine. http://hytext.com/ is a little different, and http://harplog.com/ is very different - at least, in coloration. Then there's http://unumondo.com .... Maybe I should get a hobby.... The wikis in the seed farm at http://seedwiki.com a significantly different - even comes with a WYSIWYG editor. http://www.iawiki.net is a UseMod engine, but really seriously hacked. SpiroLattic at http://climbetothestars.org/spiro/ is a PHP engine and a very different look.

Bodidily Just had a look at this again. There are a large number of recently answered questions. They can hardly be called recent now, should they not be added to the correct section of the Wiki instead of sitting there? The title implies that this page has new questions!

Jerry Muelver Yes -- they should be moved to appropriate categories after they've been on New Questions long enough for the questioner to come back for the answer. OTOH I'm not so sure there should even be an Ask New Questions page. A new question would not be a FAQ... unless the asker just couldn't find (or didn't look for) the FAQ. Interesting problem, as they all are....

Bodidily I suppose the real problem is, does this Wiki provide answers and comments to FAQ's, or is it a complete HTML/web related reference for designers/developers? As you said, the new questions wouldn't necessarily be frequently asked questions, unless of course we have forgotton to add it to the Wiki and so the user couldn't find an answer. That would be a valid use of the page, and might be worth explaining a little.

Jerry Muelver If you go to one of the questions on Ask new Questions, like How do I make a link to open a page in a new browser window? you'll see that many (most? all?) of the new questions have alerady found homes, and are fully linked -- just not deleted from the Ask New Questions page. So the system is working, but the period clean-up is lagging.

The aim of AllMyFAQs is to provide a quick-reference repository of the FAQs, so that newsgroup posters who ask the Same Old Questions can simply be referred to the page with the answer provided by conventional Wisdom, and the Conventional Wizards can easily fix/update/enhance that page as needed -- all very much easier and quicker and up-to-date than typical newsgroup FAQ sheets could ever be. What the wiki does (or intends to do) is listed at What AllMyFAQs is and is not -- a reference I myself found to be a handy reminder to pull in the reins more than once, like when I was moved to post a political/moral assertion and when I succumbed momentarily to doing a site review/fix. AllMyFAQs should be a tool for newsgrouips, not a replacement for them, IMHO.

Bodidily Newsgroups will never die, as there are always going to be newbies asking the same old questions and not knowing where to look (obviously this wiki is the best place!), and asking questions that haven't been asked before/for a long time. I find AllMyFAQs very useful when answering posts (as you may have noticed), but I still feel that people should be able to find what they want themselves on here. Not ask questions as such, but know how to get around, and to know its here. I think people should explore when they are pointed to a reference here, but we have to help them in the right direction. The current discussions in Home redo are very interesting and could solve this.

Jerry Muelver We have to get newbies to the Home Page before they can explore. You'd think folks would know to go to HomePage for site access, but newbies are newbies.... Maybe we need a tagline under the top menu bar, like "Explore all the FAQs from HomePage", or "HomePage points the way to illumination", or "Go to HomePage for complete access to the Knowledge of the Universe".

Bodidily "Browsing to the HomePage is the beginning of wisdom"??

New short-form URL

Jerry Muelver Instead of allmyfaqs.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?Page_Name you can now use the new short form allmyfaqs.net/faq.pl?Page_Name for referencing AllMyFAQs pages. Cool, hey?

Bodidily Now that, I like!

Jerry Muelver Thanks. Then you (and the ever-inspirational Marj) will probably like the reformatted HomePage. Looks kind of familiar, doesn't it?

Bodidily -- Correct! It does look familiar =P. The Page Index link didn't work when I tried it before. Maybe something to do with the new short URL format?

Jerry Muelver You're close. It had to do with a typo in the macro file that lets you use [http://allmyfaqs.net/faq.pl?actionparamter] instead of typing [http://allmyfaqs.net/faq.pl?actionparameter] for internal parameterized links. Thanks for vetting it.

Marj Tiefert -- Whohoo - I like the new homepage! It flows nice: basics to advanced, low-level to high-level, beginning to end -- cool! :-)

Bodidily -- On the HomePage, next to the XML Faqs, there are three little dashes (like '''). I tried to remove them but the HomePage is read-only!

Jerry Muelver -- Yeah, I caught them It was an un-closed BOLD notation. Someone once tried to put their spam on the Home Page, so I locked it up.

Charlie Reiman -- Style note: the hover highlighting doesn't work the same way on Mozilla 1.0 RC 2 as it does under IE6. Mozilla highlights entire lines or paragraphs rather than links, making browsing a little... disconcerting.

Mark -- Where'd you get that from? Occasionally the line will light up (not sure why), especially in Windows and on this site (somehow), but normally hover works the same as in IE6. At least, it did in Moz1RC2/Linux and Moz1RC3/Linux.

Sam Hughes -- He's right, there is a stupid, annoying hover in Mozilla. It's because the CSS uses ":hover" instead of "a:hover". Also, the green frog at the top right hovers to get a light brown background on IE 5 for the Mac (which, if you think about it, is correct).

Jerry Muelver -- Interesting! How is it now?

Sam Hughes -- Perfect in Mozilla. IE 5/Mac still has the background highlight on the froggie, but that's not a problem.

Need my email:


I was looking for a working example on this page:


You gave the CSS but it's not working for me - probably my fault.

But i didn't see a working example. I would be grateful if on this page you actually implement your CSS solution w/ a very simple example(?)

Thanks Lee

Lee, when you have a comment to add, please don't delete the rest of the comments and then replace them with your own. - Sam Hughes

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