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Mark Gallagher says - every few minutes someone pops in with a question about whether or not CIW is "worth it". Then a reg replies. Then a flamewar erupts over whether or not CIW really is lusers-only (or whatever). What's all this in aid of? Well, y'see, I couldn't find an appropriate category for this question so I'm sticking it here (Jerry, feel free to delete this when you find one). Should I get CIW

Jerry Muelver It really needs a new category, something like Continuing Education, or Professional Ponderings, or Career....

Stewart Gordon asks -- Who coined the word "sez"???

Jerry Muelver answers -- It just growed. Might even have been me, a mild concession to colloquial AOL-isms, offering the notion of off-handed informal attribution without date and time details, a hintful comment, mere garnish, but not to be ignored completely. You're welcome to work through the pages and change "sez" to "says" or "suggests" or "offers" or ....
Sam Hughes rambles -- I just did it for this page :-)
Jerry Muelver provokes -- only 11 more pages to go.
Stewart Gordon comments -- I don't think we need to go through changing them. I think what they say, they say better as they are.

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