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From an MS FAQ posting --

As part of their content, content providers can disable smart tags recognizers from being applied to their pages by specifying the following meta tag:

 <meta name="MSSmartTagsPreventParsing" content="TRUE">

Articles and opinions

Smart Tags are gone ...for now

The Smart Tags Weblog

Smart Tag parody
[All your content are belong to us]

Chris Kaminski wrote a long article in ALA about the current (June 22, 2001) state of affairs

Microsoft backtracks and changes SmartTag implementation in response to firestorm of criticism

According to this information here, the above opt-out can be overruled by the user

A fairly popular (and hilarious!) article on the subject

Dave Winer doesn't like them all that much
http://scriptingnews.userland.com/backissues/2001/06/13#smartTags :http://davenet.userland.com/2001/06/13/microsoftfreeFridays

And the head lemur doesn't like them at all
Smart Tags - Dumb Idea http://www.lemurzone.com/edit/converse43.htm
The Microsoft Internet - The Next Episode http://www.lemurzone.com/edit/converse42.htm
Federal Trade Commission Complaint http://www.lemurzone.com/news/june162001.htm

Here's a site which proposes identifying meta-tagged sites as "100% Smart Tag Free" (with button gif)

Windows XP to get fewer Microsoft Smart Tags outside United States

TopText eZula KaZaA Commercial Variant
Mystery links -- New Web advertising tool gets results, draws criticism (Non-MS implementation KaZaA TOPtext Desktop shipping as sneakware)

KaZaA home page
http://www.kazaa.com/index.php?page=tosweb -- KaZaA Terms of Use --
Note especially item 9
"KaZaA's Right to Run Advertising Without Compensation to Users!"

Explanation and screen shots of TopText in operation

Script to disable TopText on a page-by-page basis, from Jim Ley

Petition drive by ScamWare.net --

Site that tracks scumware developments, gives workarounds --

Programs using this sneak technology:

Flyswat Free Variant
Flyswat pops up links connected with selected words. User can build own linklist. Linklist maintained on flyswat's server.

Gator - Overwrites banner ads with its own ads
FlashTrack - Pops up ads in front of search engine listings
SaveNow Coupon Variant says of itself, "ABOUT SAVENOW -- SaveNow is a program that brings you relevant coupons and offers and alerts you to various deals and services when you surf the web. SaveNow is installed on your computer as a module that comes with WhenUShop or other software that you download from the Internet. At that time, you accept a SaveNow license agreement as part of the download process you complete. It is our strict policy to distribute SaveNow only to users who have accepted the SaveNow license agreement. If you believe you have received SaveNow without accepting the license agreement please let us know at legal@whenu.com."

See http://www.whenu.com/about_savenow.html. Search Google for "savenow" for remedies (http://www.scumware.com/ offers some advice).

Adware - software that fetches ads from the Mother Ship when you use the program
Microsoft documentation

(the closest thing we have to "facts")

From [IEX6 Public Preview FAQ, 2 July 2001]:

 "Will smart tags be part of Internet Explorer 6?
 Microsoft has announced that, although smart tags are present
 in the latest Public Preview, they will not be part of the
 final  release of Internet Explorer 6."

IEX6 Public Preview FAQ (this is the MS FAQ posting mentioned at the top of this page)

Creating Smart Tags in Web Parts

IEX6 Preview smart tag introduction

Developing Smart Tag DLLs (with a pretty picture of what they look like)

Adding smart tags to webpages

Office XP Developer Center - Smart Tags

Microsoft Seminar - Developing Custom Smart Tags in Office XP

Developing Smart Tag solutions

Microsoft Office XP Smart Tag SDK 1.1

Scripting Smart Tags. Explanation of how they work, complete with pretty pictures

The Smart Tag object

Archived columns on MSDN

All MSDN recently posted articles, including a few about smart tags

On a related note, from Jim Ley in alt.html comes this neat trick to search the Microsoft site about smart tags. This search works a lot better than Microsoft's own search facility. Go to http://www.google.com and type this into the search box:

 "smart tag" site:msdn.microsoft.com

(Or simply use this link: http://www.google.com/search?q=%22smart+tag%22+site%3Amsdn.microsoft.com)

By the way, I'd appreciate it if someone else could provide a few useful links and pointers, too. Getting kinda tired of hunting those smart-ass tags. Matthias Gutfeldt

But you have such a natural talent for the smart-ass stuff! Jerry Muelver

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