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QUALITY ASSURANCE (or, yet another list of links)


From http://www.its.bldrdoc.gov/fs-1037/dir-029/_4291.htm quality assurance (QA):

1. All actions taken to ensure that standards and procedures are adhered to and that delivered products or services meet performance requirements. (188)

2. The planned systematic activities necessary to ensure that a component, module, or system conforms to established technical requirements.

3. The policy, procedures, and systematic actions established in an enterprise for the purpose of providing and maintaining a specified degree of confidence in data integrity and accuracy throughout the lifecycle of the data, which includes input, update, manipulation, and output.

From http://www.philosophe.com/qa/qa.html :

The key to understanding quality assurance is understanding the emphasis on process: quality control focuses on what comes out of the web site creation process (creation, development, publication -- whatever term you prefer that describes the process that results in the web site). Quality assurance focuses on what goes into the creation process as well as on the process itself with the goal of improving the quality of output by improving everything "downstream".


Linklists, Resources, books, etc..


How to approach the subject:

1.Somewhat theoretical: What are good criteria for "Webdesign Quality" ? e.g. on page level, on site level

Page level

Site level

2. How can I measure whether these criteria have been met?

Online trust

What does it take to make visitors trust your site, your information, your e-commerce, etc.? In my opinion this topic is very closely related to Quality Assurance, that's why I'm collecting links and stuff on this same page here. Related topics are privacy, hacking, data mining, profiling, direct marketing, cryptography, security, etc. I'm more interested in the psychology of building online trust, though.

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