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The Digital Millennium Copyright Act

(also known as Dem crazy AMeriCans Act)

Oh, the joys of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Dmitry Sklyarov "allegedly authored a program which permits editing, copying, and printing of electronic books by unlocking a proprietary Adobe electronic book format." And that's a terrible thing to do, at least in the USA. So Adobe had him arrested just after Def Con. And then the real fun began, with press coverage, protests, and an Adobe boycott. Here goes:

(Slightly unrelated comment on the dynamics of online "protest" Do you remember the [[Smart Tags]] upheaval a while back? Everybody and his or her dog jumped on the bandwagon and published an article, expressing his and her views in a witty / sarcastic / emotional / outraged or whatever format, tailored to his or her particular publication. It's going to happen again; the whole thing is already doing the [[weblog rounds]]. Interesting, isn't it? End of slightly unrelated comment)

The company

The press

The protest

The Act

Oh... my own opinion on the whole case? It's summed up in the subtitle ;-). Matthias Gutfeldt

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