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My home is my ...wiki?
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Do they work or not

Note: These are all outside links. Maybe I'll get around to writing some stuff for this here wiki.

A few self-referencing links never hurt

How much I love the Wasp
[Return of the "best viewed with" Parochialism]

Colour your forms for fun and profit

Wiki Musings

So I learned a bit about how wikis work, and abandoned my NickName AlpenFalten. Guess I'm the type of guy who always [follows instructions].

But the question remains: If I ignore a Prompting Statement, is it really there? --Matthias Gutfeldt


While I was planning my trip to London (15-22 February if you want to know), I came across quite a few interesting sites. Some of them beautiful, some of them fast, some of them easy to navigate, and some of them neither. I guess this is a good cross-section of today's webdesign by amateurs and pros. Now let's see how I can work it into the FAQ...

[Official London site]
[London directory]
[another London directory]
[Public transport]
[London in Yahoo]
[London information in German]
[Weather in London]

[British Museum]
[Victoria and Albert Museum]
[Museum guide]

[Acoustic London]
[Heavy Metal UK]
[Ticket reservation]
[The 100 Club]

--Matthias Gutfeldt

I got a brand-new IBM 18.1-inch LCD monitor installed and setup yesterday. Then I hit "Elvis Presley" in the Guest Register, and now my monitor has coffee sprayed all over it. There ought to be a special place in Heck for guys like you, Matthias Gutfeldt!

There is. It's called alt.html

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