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I'm the founder and probable editor of the All My FAQs wiki. My job is reign by benign neglect. This is a community effort, so the community has to put in most of the effort. Be kind, and play nicely together....
AllMyFAQs HTML Tutorial -- I have a feeling that a wiki can be used quite effectively as the development and presentation platform for Web-Based Training (WBT) projects. See AllMyFAQs HTML Tutorial for details.
[WikiWriter], a standalone wiki for textbase, PIM, manuscripts, courseware, ebooks, and HTML sites, is now a living, breathing, useful tool, taking its first baby steps into the world of authoring systems.

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The New Cybersquatting Law Also Stops "Typosquatting"--

Moby Word Lists, including 600,000 word English list

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Matthias Gutfeldt/Bookmarks

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Recharge didn't work. I couldn't stay away. I've been tinkering with the HTML FAQ files here, shortening names, refactoring, etc. I have to post my scratch files in backlog to get them accessible.

Time to recharge. Cookie has the right idea -- take a break from the Usenet. I believe I'll go into once-a-day-lurk mode, and not do any posting for the rest of the month. My contract jobs and my wikis will appreciate the redirected attention.

Brainstorm -- break out of the traditional FAQ mold, and go with the wiki functions!
3 Mar 2001
I'm quite tickled with the way the folks from the NGs have jumped in and thrown their talents and knowledge at AllMyFAQs. It looks like this thing has a chance of flying, after all. Next big work -- for next week (sidetracked just now by big client project to do from now through Mar 6)--
    1. Re-sort and regroup the HTML Master List
    2. Refactor and merge duplicate and nearly-duplicate FAQs
    3. Do some page-name-shortening
      1. Good idea, but won't that leave orphaned duplicate pages? -- Isofarro
      2. Yes, but I have a tool for removing them. Identifying the little buggers is the problem. The "all files" list doesn't show a clue, and the orphans don't show up on such options as [Show links].
    4. Install a find-orphans script to help out with the maintenance
      1. Navigation is a little difficult, especially when the word FAQ is used. Does FAQ refer to allmyfaqs or outside available faqs? -- Isofarro
      2. FAQs at the moment is generic -- any, anywhere. "Faqs" is different. That's a wiki-ism. All major wikis are listed in a datafile, along with an alias for each, for easy reference. To reference a page on a wiki, you type the wiki alias and a colon and the page name. It gets translated internally to expand the alias. You can see the expanded version in the HTML view in a browser. I added the alias "Faqs" for AllMyFAQs, for page references here. Actually, it's not needed, since the page name is enough. It only shortens the typing for such things as the "links" action reference I made above. Next week I'll work on a set of user docs for geeks. We're working on navigational metaphors within the wiki toolset. For instance, nested numbered lists don't behave.... We can use help with ideas. See the current discussion with Matthias in Talk to Me.
        1. Just changed -- magic prefix to refer to AllMyFAQs wiki script is AMF, as in [Page Index] -- Jerry Muelver

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