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Jan Roland Eriksson (http://css.nu) is the hands-off moderator and hands-on FAQ and accuracy maintainer for newsgroups in the comp.infosystems.www.authoring.* groups with cogent appearances in comp.text.xml among other newsgroups. --Jerry Muelver

Roland says On Fri, 16 Mar 2001 02:59:28 +0100, in comp.text.xml:

Re: link to W3schools XML offering on Phil Hayz --

Sorry Jerry (and Phil) that is not the site I would recommend. (it has quite a number of subtle errors in it, but that does not count when the "fad of the day" needs to be catered for of course? :>

Here is where we should start to find out about SGML and its specific profile, that was named xml possibly by "mistake", as seen in retrospective...


...with the natural follow through too...


...now let's see a "wiki" grow to that size, with even better info available from it :>

It's also a rather sad thing to find out about all these "DTD problems" that people seems to have in relation to xml (and even worse to find "xml-schemas" to be touted as the ultimate replacement solution).

For all it matters, we don't need any references to DTD subsets or schemas in a correct xml document, well formedness is what counts at the initial level, and that can easily be handled by authoring tools designed to produce quality from the start. And for a well formed document, a DTD subset reference adds _no_ extra value to a document;

read that again :>

Should there ever be a situation where "validation" of an xml profile becomes a part of requirements, that can be done even for "well formed only" xml, the method to use is close to ten years old now and was finally formalized in the ISO HyTime standard in 1998.

Maybe if that knowledge could somehow be made public, we might not need to see posts resulting from an uninformed state, like this one...

  Message-ID: <98riqp$1k61$1@pc-news.cogsci.ed.ac.uk>

Maybe if I made it my task to publish these two following URL's twice a day for some six months to come here in this NG...


...would it be possible to at least "divert the current course of the bandwagon"?

I mean, after all Marc Andreesen managed to "destroy" the initial web by being intensely verbose in all public forums he could find :)

Microsoft is not the answer. Microsoft is the question.
NO! is the answer. - Erik Naggum, Norway.

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