[Home]How do I make those images that gradually sharpen as they load

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You know, they seem to first appear as very large blocks (pixels), then gradually the large blocks divide in half (or whatever) and gradually get smaller and smaller, as they do the resolution of the picture gets better and better.

Is that something that works with any browser / server, or was that somebody's "proprietary" extension?

Bodidily says: AFAIK, this happens soley because of the chosen file type. I think if you have a large .gif image, it will load by sharpening, whereas a .jpg will seem to 'scroll' down (like a butt ugly PowerPoint transition!).

Jerry Muelver says: You may be viewing interleaved or interlaced GIF (interleaving or interlacing) or progressive JPEG. See http://www.uga.edu/ucns/dms/webclass/image-formats.html

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