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It's all the extra stuff needed to convert back from the HTML file to a regular Word doc -- headers, footers, local font and formatting overrides, page width, paper thickness, phase of the moon, etc.

It guarantees that --

1. Your pixel-perfect positioning will be faithfully preserved so the HTML page looks like your printed page.

2. Your HTML page will display as intended only in MSIE -- other browsers need not apply with any hope of total "success".

3. You will be able, in fact obligated, to use Word to revise the HTML.

4. The HTML page will not open in most other WYSIWYG-style editors.

5. The HTML will be incomprehensible to to anyone who would otherwise be able to helpyou correct errors in the markup.

6. The markup will be completely nonstandard, with a mix of CSS and local formatting overrides.

7. Your website will held up to the ridicule of the community for its bloated, incompetent, uneditable HTML.

8. The consulting company your client will have to hire to straighten out the resultant mess will immediately put out a contract for your severed head. Jerry Muelver

A simple macro that works with Excel 97 or Excel 2000 can be found here

An OpenSource program for converting Excel to HTML

Comments --

Very good but how do I fix the problem and automatically change the HTML to standard HTML. A Perl script perhaps ...?

Use Tidy after saving as HTML from Word -- http://tidy.sourceforge.net/

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