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[glassdog.Home] offers tutorials under Web Design.

Comments --

the only thing that puzzles me is why the pages
are 'a mile' long.....at 800x600 it is
9 clicks I thought good web design was to have the page a 'two' click page.....the site looks pretty and loads
pretty quick..but IMHO the page is way too long...

Randy mailto:tommyknocker@hotmail.com

When you cut your text into chunks to fit some arbitrary page length rule that might or might not be appropriate for your type of site, then the flow of thoughts is disrupted every time the next page loads. It will take just as much user intervention (either scrolling or clicking) for a long page as it will for several short pages. An article that discusses this interface aspect, among others: [Webreview: Interface Questions Answered] -- MatthiasGutfeldt

(And Jerry, why isn't my name turned into a link, as it used to be??)

Accidental wiki links don't happen anymore. You need double brackets around a word or phrase, with an initial capital. See Making New Pages. I still have to make a bigger deal about it -- rewrites coming up. This style is called a "free link", and does away with the wiki CamelHump style. Since there were only a couple of us involved at that point (about a week ago) I made the changes. You are now Matthias Gutfeldt! -- jerry

You mean I have to actually change my old* habits? Oh my! --Matthias Gutfeldt

Looks like you already did. How do you figure these things out so fast?

Here's a tip on using RecentChanges. Try this one, compare it to what you get from the RecentChanges link by itself -- http://allmyfaqs.net/faq.pl?action=rc&days=3&all=1&showedit=1

Now you get all the cnages, and summaries, for a page, instead of just the most recent. These options are settable in Preferences -- set for 3 days, Show all changes. Cliff's got a lot of undocumented, very wonderful, features in UseMod. -- jerry

Ha! I forgot I added the Details link at the top of the RecentChanges page. I'm beginning to see why Cliff is behind on his user documentation! -- jerry

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