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Alton, Say-tahn, Gay-tahn

J. Mascis says it well: "I've got no advice 'bout anything, just fuck it up yourself."

Joe Clark doesn't wanna talk to me.
I'm a hot international DJ. Is this my bus stop?
[Should iguanas live in Iceland?]
Rachel Crouthamel doesn't wanna be around me.
Look for my forthcoming article in CACM: "Spending Fourteen Consecutive Hours Facing a Phosphorescent Screen and Drinking Carbonated Syrup Considered Harmful".
If your rat has a massive tumor and is by all appearances insane and if the doctor says that treatment is futile, please have the compassion to seek prompt, professional euthanasia. (Actually, this plea applies to any animal, not just to rats.)
Despite my many dreams, I still can't fly. What's with that? Maybe I should spend all of my time dreaming.
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