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Well, I'm here.

Jerry mentioned this thing enough times, so I've taken the hint. Call it a loyalty thing. Call it duress. It was either this or a court order. Of course, if I had anything I really wanted to put on the net I'd probably have my own web site, wouldn't I?

XML looks kinda forlorn. I'll put something in there. Ooooh, I can feel those collaborative juices simmering.

Quo vadis, Wiki?

Looks like you beefed up the XML section pretty well! I haven't gone after the XML FAQ pages already out there, yet. The basic plan is to snag the questions with links to the answer source(s), to pile up the clay. Then massage the agglutinate into some structure, and eventually annotate/rewrite the answers.

I don't think the questing newbies can be induced to edit a page, to add a question. But they really shouldn't have to. A search or Eliza-qualifying function should allow them to get the info they want. After all, they are asking FAQs (duh!). They can get the specific-problem and hand-holding needs satisfied on the newsgroups.

At least, that's the murky idea behind it all. Needless to say, I'm tickled pink to see you here! Coming soon to a browser near you -- WorldWebWorks.com, the Web's Premier Virtual Production Boutique! -- jer

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