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HTML Basics

In HTML, a comment begins with "<!--", ends with "-->" and does not contain "--" or ">" anywhere in the text of the comment (because some browsers may see "--" or ">" as the end of the comment). Putting HTML markup inside comments is chancey, and should be avoided.


   <p>End of Section 1.</p>

   <!-- Next section needs illustrations -->
   <h2>Section 2: Data Input</h2>
   Show input screens here.
   Use screen captures, full-sized, cropped.
   <p>A standard set of input screens guides you through....

Note that comments are not allowed within tags, i.e. inline between "<" and ">".

Generally, using comments to "comment out" code is not a good idea. It easily strikes back. It's better code to actually remove the code, saving the old version as backup when needed.

Comments --
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