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I like the submenu on the HomePage. Now I wonder whether you planned to put it on all pages listed in the submenu. Oh right, I guess I'm supposed to just do it myself. --Matthias Gutfeldt

You could put it on every page, but it's got a lot stuff that doesn't matter to folks once they go through the tutorial and get on the Guest Register, and they know where to find the links for that stuff if they want to review. I would think about the purpose of a page before I started hanging menus and backlinks on it. A FAQ might need a backlink to a Table of Contents, but little else. A link to the Topics and FAQs on each page makes sense, though.

(Changed my mind on this one. In fact, I deleted the Topics and FAQs page altogether, and integrated the content onto the Home Page. -- jm

You're probably right, but I like to have the menu on all pages that are mentioned in the menu. If you don't want it, you'll have to delete it yourself :-). -- Matthias Gutfeldt

A true wikian move, Matthias. I think it it works well, don't you? -- jm

Iīm not sure what you mean by īīitīī - the wikian move, or the submenu? I like the submenu, but I canīt figure out why the Topics and FAQs has an explanation next to it, while the others donīt have one. -mg

I was thinking of newbies coming to AllMyFAQs, expecting to find something that said "FAQs Here", and being presented only with "Topics and FAQs". So I added "Topics and FAQs" to the link description. The latest version of the UseMod wiki softwware allows me to change page titles and propagate the change down through the link database and change history. This might be a good test case, ya think? -- jm

Late-breaking change -- notice the Topics and FAQs treatment now, also the Page Index treatment. You can now link to AllMyFAQs pages with the magic notation [http://allmyfaqs.net/faq.pl?...]. -- jm

Take a look at http://www.wikipedia.com/ and note the extended menu in block paragraph format. That's not a bad idea for a HomePage. It would be a shortcut Topics and FAQs, maybe. -- Jerry Muelver

Ohmygod. Are they crazy? A whole ENCYCLOPEDIA ???

I think this extended menu might make sense once the wiki gets really really big. But if we create such a menu right now, when the wiki and the FAQ are still very small, it would be a bit like PrematureRefactoring.

Less is better, almost always, and especially for the Wiki concept. Fish didn't grow legs until they reallyreally needed them. -- jm

Less is indeed better, and thatīs why I removed my signature from the FAQ answer to make it perfectly clear that this document is meant to be changed.

Good use of the convention, or invention of the convention, I think. OTOH, it would be nice to have some way to look at all of the answers provided by someone who gave you a good answer, like Favorite Author status. (How are people going to learn to be wikizens after years of usenauting?) -- jm

Categories -- automatic TOC, after a fashion

Check out the Category page at http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/mb.pl?CategoryCategory

If you click on the page title, you get a listing of pages referring to the titlename. The reference, for Categories, is a little link at the bottom of the child page. The accumulation into TOCs is automatic. -- jm

I'm looking to run a windows nt server for a mircosoft htmlhelp database. I stumbled across wiki, and I would really like to know how to run a wiki server under nt. I've try 3 distributions as of now, and I can't get a single one to go to the page after the introduction, a little help here...

--Peter Nied peternied@hotmail.com

I'm not clear on the essentials of your problem. What web server are you running on NT? Which wiki clones have you tried? Do you have Perl (and/or PHP) installed and running? -- jerry

I'm running a wiki internally on an NT server, using Apache (on port 500 so no auditors will find it), using CGI with Activestate Perl. Using the UseMod version of Wiki (the one big .pl file version) works okay. I have cvs installed on that box, but I'm putting no faith in it really. The guys in my team are slowly getting interested in the wiki concept, after watching me documenting this rather big project I've landed myself in. -- Iso

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