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9 May - 138 questions so far:

How do I close a window without the confirmation box popping up?
How do I open a new window of a specific size?
What good is following the W3C HTML/XHTML Specification?
What use is SSI?
How do I stop a form submitting when pressing enter?
How do I center a table both horizantally and vertically on screen?
How do I redirect a page based on screen resolution?
How do I call a Java applet method, like repaint(), every couple of seconds from Javascript?
How do I get a page to show a font that the user doesn't have?
What browsers other than IE and NN are there? Opera: http://www.opera.com ; Mozilla: http://www.mozilla.org .
How do I do layers in IE - there's no <layer> tag?
Is it better to have one large main page with many links or to have many smaller subpages with less links?
How do I create a table with a thin 1 pixel border?
How do I make the data in a second dropdown list depend on the selection in the first?
How do I maximise the browser window?
How do I create a link that makes my page the homepage?
Why are frames so evil?
I want to reuse someone else's content on my site, where do I stand?
What are the HTTP Status Codes?
How do I put a Stock Quote feature on my site?
How do I show the PI character or tick mark in HTML without using images?
How do I embed a wav file into my HTML?
How do I have two form actions, depending on a certain condition?
How do I make all my links non-underlined until the mouse is over them?
I'm new to HTML and Usenet, anyone got any pointers?
Any good Javascript sites?
How do I reduce the space taken by <ul>?
How do I create a DHTML drop-down menu?
Why should I not top-post?
What graphics package should I use?
How do I execute a program on the client instead of the download dialogue box appearing?
How do I disable the mouse right-click?
What can I use Flash for on my site?
Where can I find free webspace with no banners, etc.?
What is a validator, and which are recommended? - try http://validator.w3.org/
How do I turn of frames in Opera?
When is opening a new window a good idea?
Any good CSS resources? - My favorites are [listed here]
How do I set the page margins in CSS?
How do I create a submit button with a mouseover image swap?
How do I make a link open two different pages in a framed enviroment?
How do I have an hspace on one side of an image only?
Whats the difference between hits and number of users?
How do I change the window status message when over a link?
How do I autorun an HTML page from a CD?
What choice of WYSIWYG editors do I have?
How do I get the input fields the same size in NN and IE?
What's the difference between .shtml and .html?
What are the differences and issues between NN and IE?
Where can I find good PHP resources?
How do I find the right webhost?
Why does a mailto link that works in browserX doesn't work in browserY?
Can I use percents to resize an image?
How do I password protect a directory?
Why does pressing Enter sometimes submit a form?
How do I create a link that takes the user to the top of the page?
How do I change the colours of the scrollbars?
How do I write or implement a privacy policy?
How do I limit the number of characters in a textarea?
What is a document referrer (HTTP_REFERER)?
How do I get rid of the space between two images?
How do I always open a link in a new HTML window?
What is and where can I find a colour picker?
Which Doctype should I use?
How do I get a hit counter on my site?
How do I allow my client to update News articles daily?
Should I upload my .html files in binary mode?
How do I allow a user to download my images, not open it in a browser?
How do I let my users view a PDF file?
How do I put a background for a single table cell?
How do I open a link into fullscreen window?
What's the best newsgroup to find web graphics designers?
What HTML editors are available?
Any good HTML resources out there?
How do i Make two different link styles in the external style sheet.
Where can I find a web designer/developer for hire?
Should HTML attributes be quoted? - yes ; )
How do I make sure a framed page appears within its frameset?
Howshould I implement Meta-tags on framed pages?
What's the best way to center tables?
Misc Resources and links?
How do I swap two or more images on mouseover?
How do I create a banner that adjusts to screen size?
Where can I download older browsers?
How do I update all my webpages when I need to change the navigation?
FTP Clients
What do I need to do online billing?
Howsecure is https?
Is it worth catering for version 3 browser users?
How do I validate form fields in Javascript?
When I reply, Outlook sticks the cursor on the top of a post, so that means topposting is right?
Any good packages to create thumbnails?
Is there a script that can cycle through a set of images on a page?
How do I quote properly (appropriately) on alt.html?
How do I develop and test CGI scripts under Windows?
How do I get the cursor focus on the first text field when the page loads up?
How do I create printer friendly pages?
Howfast is my webpage, and are there connection speed articles?
Any resources on Content Management?
Client-side Javascript or VBScript?
Where can I find a web based mail interface?
How do I decipher the results of a validator?
Where can I find an "email-a-page-to-a-friend" script?
Any good tutorial sites?
Any recommended log file stats programs?
How do I create a link that prints the current page?
Any good CGI resources? http://www.cgi-resources.com
What is an iframe?
Is there a definitive guide to sending HTML email?
How does the <font> size attribute compare to the CSS px?
Any free graphics, backgrounds, clipart?
How do I add a search engine to my site?
How do I password protect a website or directory?
What is caching?
How do I submit a form and have the results returned in a new window?
Where can I find free fonts?
What resolution should I design for?
How do I preload images?
How do I prevent visitors stealing my images?
How do I make a form field required?
How do I embed a .midi or .wav file into my page?
How do I create a link that bookmarks my page?
How do I put a custom icon next the the URL in the address bar and bookmark list?
How do I stop the background image tiling?
How do I create a link to a spot further down the page?
What is a web-safe colour palette?
Whats wrong with the "Web Standards Upgrade Campaign"? - some info in CSS Problems With Netscape (links to sources)
I know HTML, what else do I need to know?
What is a good newsreader?
How do I stop Dreamweaver altering my markup?
How do I absolutely position a layer?
Any good link managers?
Any good programs to copy an entire website?
Any resources for creating Web-TV friendly sites?
What Meta tags can I use to allow/disallow bots indexing my pages?
How do I convert .html to .pdf?
How do I convert PDF to HTML?
How do I redirect users to a new page?
What are the copyright issues surrounding webpages?
Where can I find some decent email form scripts?

Jerry Muelver: Many of these are Infrequently Asked Questions.... What's a good process to follow, now? Develop (steal) a list of relevant categories, and sort into the appropriate bins?

Isofarro: Definitely develop relevant categories - some questions will naturally belong to two categories (Forms and Javascript for example).

Jerry Muelver: Yeah, I run into that too. The purists would isolate them, but I would be more intested in effectiveness than purity. The question comes in as HTML, and the answer goes out as JavaScript, or CSS, of Perl....

Isofarro: I've got a plan for that figured out. Its a bit text-file driven at the moment - maybe I'll database it after the first prototype. Each question gets stored in a separate .html file that contains just the question and answer all marked up. A text file for each category contains a list of questions (and file names) relevant to that category - that way a question can be part of two categories but still resort to one html file for maintainability. Its a PHP script that builds a Table of Contents for each section based on the text file. I'm debating to put the text file into a database, but I don't know if its worth putting the .html file containing a question and answer into a database - I kinda like the idea of simplifying off-line editing.

Jerry Muelver: That's pretty much how this wiki works. Each page is a separate file in a database directory. The Category entry on a page, like Category HTML FAQ, provides on-demand indexing. Click that to go to the category page, click the title of that page to get a list of pages in that category. We've even got a Category Category page to jack up one level. I love making the computer do the work.

Stephanie Booth: Does this mean it's status quo here, or can I grab some questions and answer them? I've put a few random answers here, don't hesitate to remove them if they are out of place or irrelevant.

Jerry Muelver: We started allmyfaqs by extracting all the FAQs from existing FAQ sheets to build an all-in-one superindex. Iso is gathering the actual frequently-asked questions on alt.html. Now the question is how to proceed -- merge, blend, distill, compartmentalize, reference, cross-link, sautee, roast, bake?

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