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I'm here to find out whether a FAQ Wiki will work, and how benign [Jerry] is when anarchy takes over, as it undoubtedly will.

Did I mention my obsessive-compulsive need to answer questions I know nothing about?

Yes. Have you heard of my capacity for asking questions for which there are no answers? Welcome aboard! -- Jerry Muelver

If I don't answer this question, do you communicate? -- AlpenFalten

Let me rephrase: If I ignore a Prompting Statement, is it really there? --AlpenFalten

Signing off on February 06, 2001, 17:05 local time (local as in [Berne, Switzerland]) -- AlpenFalten
I love the flaming tire tracks running into the cathedral (or city hall -- they're the same in the minds of some folks). Reminds me of the flaming tire tracks running into the theatre in "Back to the Future" when the lightning struck the clock tower. -- jm

Hey, I never noticed those tracks before! I wonder what the hell they were thinking, this tower hasn't been the city entrance for a few hundred years now. BTW it's the "Zytglogge Turm" (clock tower), not a cathedral or city hall. -- AlpenFalten

I saw the light (or was it a Prompting Statement ?) in [ciwam], read about [Real Names Please], and decided to abandon my AlpenFalten nick. Not that it is too much of a loss ;-). So all the awesome things I had planned for this page are not going to happen here, but rather [Matthias Gutfeldt there]. -- Matthias Gutfeldt
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