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What is the format for my User Name in the preferences page?

Same as for Wiki page links (URLs) -- your first and last name separated by an underline. Leave the password entry blank. The User Name goes into a cookie that fills in your name in the editing and revision logs. Registering a User Name also creates a new page with that name for you to use as a bio or homepage in this Wiki.

How do I add a page to a thread or topic?

Type the name [[inside double brackets]], starting with an initial capital letter, into a page to create a link. When you save the page with the link, the name appears with an underlined question mark after it. Click on the question mark to go to the new blank page, and begin editing. See Making New Pages page for more details and step-by-step procedure.

Do I have to know HTML in order write Wiki pages?

No. You can write fairly complex pages without any HTML at all. See Intro and Tour for how-to's.

How do I use HTML code on pages?

At the moment, you don't. The only HTML this wiki recognizes are B /B, I /I, TT /TT, CODE /CODE, and PRE /PRE. Click on Edit the text of this page to see the HTML code for the first line of this page.

I have this wonderfull new topic Foo... Can I start a FAQ for Foo on this Wiki?

Certainly. Just put Foo in double brackets to create the page, and go for it! Later on, if interest develops, you might have to put one up for Bar, too.

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