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Post comments about the AllMyFAQs WBT tutorial here, please -

2002.04.07 -- We're making progress on a couple of tutorial lines. Looks liek there'll be a fast track (big chunks of info) and slow track (little chunks, small steps) versions to accommodate different learning styles. See httP//allmyfaqs.net/wbt/ for the lead-in. The "About" link near the page top is helpful.

Where is the tutorial? Matthias Gutfeldt

http://allmyfaqs.net/wbt If you want to take part and edit some stuff you need to ask Jerry for a password. -- Bodidily

Jerry knows I don't have any time for fun. BTW, what does WBT mean? Matthias Gutfeldt

WBT = Web-based Training. I'll send you the access info. The interesting stuff is going on behind the scenes. The public stuff, as you can see, is way pre-alpha. Jerry Muelver

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