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A wiki can be used to collect ideas and expertise. Why not use a wiki for more formalized instruction?

Go to AllMyFAQs WBT to post comments about the tutorial.

Basic Operation

Students see a typical WBT site --

Teachers see all of the above, plus



Anyone interested in participating in a wiki-based courseware development experiment, please jump into the discussion and let me know.

Discussion --

Sam Hughes -- Interesting...

Jerry Muelver -- It's like going to ground, for me. The first program I ever wrote, in AppleSoft on an Apple II, was a CBT authoring system. I haven't seen anything much better since, and that was 20 years ago.

Bodidily -- Sounds like a great idea. I'll keep checking to see how its coming along.

Jerry Muelver -- I'll set up the files and develop a start tonight.

Isofarro -- Count me in - sounds like fun :-)

Jerry Muelver -- Okay. I'm putting it together. I have the notion I should use an XHTML-compliant wiki, though, to avoid stomping all over Flavell's Law.

Sam Hughes -- Yes, definitely XHTML-compliant.

Jerry Muelver -- I've got that running at http://ebookwiki.com/ . The setup (mySQL and a huge flock of PHP files) is a bit of a pain, but workable. I'm on it....

Sam Hughes -- Bah, editing conflict... But maybe not. Will you be teaching HTML or XHTML? There's a problem, you see. If you are teaching HTML, you don't want somebody to look at the page's source and see XHTML code; they'll get confused. Also, your code examples won't really be in line with the rest of the document (such as an unclosed <br> in a code example). So, there's a bit of a problem there. If you do it the other way around, with HTML documents teaching XHTML, you'll have similar problems.

Jerry Muelver -- We present examples on the page, or by pointing to standalone pages, so viewing the source is not the instructional tool. The basic concern is to be legitimate as a whole. The wiki engine used here at allmyfaqs is designed for easy input, but the output is not really up to snuff in terms of elegant and compliant markup. This is not a problem for usual wiki efforts, but is not good enough for a criticizable model. The 'Tavi engine at ebookwiki came along after allmyfaqs was underway -- it wasn't available at the time. That's why allmyfaqs complies with Flavell's Law instead of W3C.

Sam Hughes -- But I can imagine many instances in an HTML tutorial of code examples that would have code and the result, one above the other. But some things like this are bound to happen; it's just something to think about.

Jerry Muelver -- You mean, like List Formatting or References and Links? We can handle it. I'm almost set up. We'll be ready to go in another couple of hours.

Bodidily -- Couple of hours!? Impressive! Man, you've been busy. Count me in. If there's anything we can do let us know! (bearing in mind I have *no* experiance in creating wiki's!)

Jerry Muelver -- All set! First hack is up and running. We have the WBT entrance at http://allmyfaqs.net/wbt/ (not editable) and the the author's entrance at http://allmyfaqs.net/auth/ (all editing engines engaged). Notice there is nothing going on at ~wbt because no one has done anything at ~auth. Oh yeah -- ~auth is password protected. To get in, please email me a request for username and password.

Sam Hughes -- Jerry, your email address is hard to find. Fortunately, I found it in alt.html. I found it to be jerry@amf (munged), and Jerry, you can fix its domain if you want to (I don't want to force extra spam upon you).

Jerry Muelver -- No problem using mailto:jerry@allmyfaqs - I am spam-fearless.

Sam Hughes -- You should be spam-fearless if the domain is still screwed up. :-)

Jerry Muelver -- Hmmm.... maybe mailto:jerry@allmyfaqs.net then.

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